What do you expect from a French family hotel? Bottle of Beaujolais in the room or a CD with French Sansone as a compliment from the owners? And what about nice little scandal instead a “good morning” or “bon apetit.”

Have you heard about Calvi -a small French town with a beautiful old part and an amazing beach. We booked our trip there few year ago and the scandal started the first morning. We went to the breakfast room. Nice place with tasty decoration and a smell of a freshly baked croissant. And then she appeared. The owner approached our table and start waving her hands. She couldn’t stop talking, but in French – a language, in which my skills equal zero. We were eating in full  silence, our breakfast was included in the price and we had no idea what the problem is. There was something wrong, because the other visitors started whispering and agreed with the lady.

We finished fast our breakfast and on the next morning at the time when we were wondering if we can handle with the same situation again, somebody knocked on the door. It was the owner again. This time she was accompanied by a young lady, who started translating. The girl went on our balcony and left a breakfast on the table. Then she tried not to miss any word from the owner’s speech: How is this possible, why are you coming downstairs for breakfast, when you have the best balcony in the whole hotel. Look at the view. Here is your coffee, the breakfast, if you want something more, just call me? Do you want the food tomorrow at the same time?

While the young interpreter was trying to breathe between the words, we took a look outside, we sensed the smooth smell of the coffee, we saw the sun, kissing the balcony and start calming ourselves. We wanted to say something more than “mersi boku”, but our French was limited. So we hugged the lady and started eating our breakfast. Day after day. And we enjoyed the view from the balcony every second of our stay.