How do you choose a hotel to stay in? Do you insist to have luxury, modern spa centre with pool or you are thinking only for the budget? I am somewhere in between – I love the comfort; I am reading the reviews of the visitors and I am convinced that the location and the atmosphere are more important than the number of the stars. To prove that I am presenting you my selection of three wonderful findings – nice places, which can beat any five-star hotel.

 The view: Bel Soggiorno Taormina

You can have your breakfast looking at the sea panorama from your balcony. You can read a book under the shadows of the fruit trees in the garden or to watch the Etna volcano while holding a glass of wine. Bel Soggiorno is not exactly a hotel, but a pier and without leaving it, you can taste the best of Taormina city.

The location: Hilton Garden Inn 35th New York

It looks like a typical business hotel. Unpretentious building, humble lobby, clean rooms. But the score of 9.3 in booking tells it all. Here you are just a few steps away from Macys, Time Square and Fifth Avenue. New York is waiting for your footsteps, and the Empire State Building is smiling through your window – what else you can ask for.

The atmosphere: David Firenze

I must admit, “David” is not my discovery. The reservation in my name was made by a friend of mine who lives in Florence and knows the city well. He wanted to impress me and succeeded. The hotel is located fifteen minutes by foot from Ponte Vecchio, has a quiet backyard, and few rooms with baldachin beds. My favorite are the spaces with soft furniture and tons of magazines, where the guests can relax from the tourist madness of Florence. The most precious thing about this place is the atmosphere, you cannot escape the pictures, which grabs every person, who enters here. To the skeptical people I would only add, that David is under Number 1 (ok, from time to time it falls to number two) in TripAdvisor from all the hotels in Florence and is much in front other hotels such as Four Seasons chain for example. And this fact tells enough.