I was always hungry for white cosmetics. My insatiable appetite makes me try constantly new fragrances and textures. My curiosity on the other hand helps me find lesser known products in unexpected places. I am presenting you my last three beauty discoveries:

Kalliston is a brand I saw in an olive oil fabric. Between the packages with olives and the bottles with olive oil there was a stand with beauty products. Among the rich variety of facial, body and sunscreen product I fell in love with the body shower with extracts from olives and pomegranate. It has light texture and amazingly fresh fragrance. What else this brand offers you can see at: kalliston-olive.gr.

About Thisworks I cans say only one thing: it really works. The texture is delicate, the products are united by gentle fragrance, and my personal favourite is the balancing body lotion. Check the rest at the thisworks.com.

What you can expect from Danish eco hotel, except Danish eco cosmetics placed right at the reception and a bathroom filled with products from the same brand. I love eco essentials that are made without harming nature. They can be found in several shops in Copenhagen, few luxury hotels around the world and online at: iloveecoessentials.com.