Three pieces of advice, that might be useful when you go on your next journey

 Don’t empty your wallet

Every trip is linked with planning some budget. But the idea of having fixed amount of money and no additional reserve is no good. Sometimes unexpectedly in the worst moment you might need some cash. Few years ago, the eruption of volcano in Iceland found me in Barcelona. Leaving the hotel, I understood that the airport is closed, all the flights for this day have been cancelled, and the first possible flight the next morning was sold out. Despite urgently buying new ticket, I had to find a hotel, in a time, when the city was full of tourists, stuck there just like me. I survived, thanks to my additional amount of money and I managed to look positive even in that situation. Because after all another day in Barcelona is never too much.

The luggage

After so many kilometers around the globe I did not believe, that this will happen to me. And at the worst moment, by the way. I landed on Saturday midnight in Cagliari airport, inpatient to start my Sardinia trip. I came, but my luggage did not. I was with a lady’s bag, (the smallest I had), with wallet, keys, passport and phone. And here I am back to point one – you don’t know when you will need an additional amount of money for a totally new wardrobe. From this moment I prefer to travel with hand luggage, or when my stay will be longer and I need to pack the big suitcase, I am always wearing backpack with a few clothes, cosmetics and a charger.

 Transit visa

You may leave without it, but it is much better to have it. At first sight it seems like a waste of time and money. But if you need it?

I was so many times in different parts of Russia. But on one of my transit trips I saw the other side of the country. My flight from Seattle landed with big delay and I missed my connection flight to Sofia. I had to overnight in Moscow at Aeroflot expense. The fact that I didn’t have a transit visa, put me in the list of potential emigrants and I had to accept many uncomfortable situations. I was forced to stay only on the sixth floor of the hotel, designed for people like me, to eat only in a tiny buffet like a corridor and to accept almost military export to the airport. What saved me was the fact that my flight back home was on the next morning.