“Thanks for the idea and greetings from Naxos.” Last summer I received this text message from a friend of mine. During our long friendship, I was giving her tons of ideas for hotels and destinations. She was following them, she was going there, then back home, but nothing.

And suddenly, after so many time and kilometres all over the world I got this SMS. This time she was on a trip to Naxos. Faraway from the exotic destinations of Seychelles or Mauritius, not in a five-star resort, but somehow, she was on the right place on Earth.

I went back in time in my memories, I took my photo album with pictures from my journey to this lovely Greek island. I must admit, she was right. It was not exactly the paradise as a postcard with palm trees, hammock and a romance. But there were other parts to remember it – golden beaches, street labyrinth to explore, wonderful dishes and specific atmosphere.

It emerges that for some people heaven might be closer than they expect. And what about you, where did you find yours?